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Project Management

Ongoing advice

Our Project Management services offer its clients an integral solution for the management of any type of civil, construction or building project, from its conception to its commissioning.

Through this model we develop, supervise and / or manage Preliminary and feasibility studies, Drafting of Conceptual Projects, Drafting of Execution Projects, Construction of Works, Post-sale and commissioning of any type of Civil Works or Building project.

Our project management services successfully integrate all the multiple professional teams that have a role in managing a project as we deliver the best cost/value management solutions for our clients.

Coordination and management services for the construction of all types of infrastructure, building and engineering projects, through the management and supervision of the contractors directly hired by the client to develop the different units of the project.

Construction Management

Packaged analysis

Management Contracting

Guaranteed maximum price

Management Contracting is a strategic service we provide within the Project Management solution, which offers our clients the possibility to completely outsource the management of their contracts, from their initial phase to their completion.

This outsourcing helps our clients to have a single contact, during the entire project, who becomes responsible in ensuring the quality, cost and deadline for all contracts.