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Complete planning and development

For more than 10 years, we have offered our services of auditing, consultancy, inspection and supervision of road concessions, combining methodologies of project management and monitoring, and new technologies, with the aim of offering a comprehensive service to the owners, concessionaires, maintainers and / or operators of these infrastructures.

We share in all the services we provide a vocation of service that, together with our core values, experience, trust, profitability and commitment, allows us to deliver Quality Projects that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Accompanying your steps

Our Civil Engineering branch offer its services from the first sketches to the start-up of the infrastructure, with skilled professionals that adapt to the needs of every project. Our projects include highways, bridges, canals, ports, airports, maritime works, lines, stations and electrical substations, and within these its foundations, structures, paving, signaling, drainage, adaptation of interference from existing networks and effects of land.

Focusing on the essential

We have a business area focused on offering innovative and efficient comprehensive services in the development of Water Sanitation and Distribution Projects in urban and interurban networks, Large diameter collectors, Sewer networks, Sewage and drinking water pumping stations, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Water Treatment Plants and Deposits

Bringing the world together

We offer our services in Railway Engineering covering all the phases of the design, from preliminary studies, conceptual projects, survey and diagnosis of existing track, project of stroke or improvement thereof to urban and environmental integration of the entire system, making our Real services comprehensive projects.

In addition, we have wide experience in supervision and inspection, in operation and maintenance and in conservation of roads, applying its methodology of continuous improvement.

Innovation at our core

In the field of Soil Engineering, we focus our services on providing optimal solutions tailored to each Project, through a detailed analysis of the project challenges and goals. Among our experience we have the Development of Geotechnical Studies, Design, Project, Construction Management, Supervision of works and Execution of all types of special foundations including retaining Walls, Pile walls, Piloted slabs, Piles, Micropiles, Stabilization of slopes and Terrain treatments, Vibro compaction, wick drains, dynamic compaction, injections, and more.

We add value to our services, through constant training, expertise of the new techniques and technologies existing in the market and with innovation in our own work procedures. Our team of highly qualified Engineers offer an efficient service and a careful treatment while always remaining accessible to the client.