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Who we are

PROYECO - Projects, Execution & Control of works, founded in 1988

We have been providing for more than 30 years a wide range of integrated services in Architecture, Installations, Urban Planning, Development and Promotion, Construction, Consultancy, Project Management, Energies and Environment including Civil and Building projects.

We are highly committed to our clients, and it is this excellence of service that has allowed us at PROYECO to grow and expand our business to become a solid enterprise, recognized both nationally and internationally.

We base our work on the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards, as we uphold our commitment to Environmental Health and Safety and Quality Management. At PROYECO we are engaged to the communities we work at, and we have adhered to the EMAS regulation and to the United Nations Global Compact as part of our community engagement program.

We are distinguished by our constant technological innovation, a culture of continuous improvement in our team, and our commitment to the highest quality standards and environmental respect in our projects. The supervision of our highly qualified technicians guarantees the maximum investment optimization (Quality / Price) respecting the dead-line of each Project.

Daniel Danés Grases · Founding Partner ·
Eduardo Guerrero Coll · Founding Partner ·
Civil Engineer

Partners Letter

May 17th, 2018, we celebrated 30 years in Engineering, Architecture, and Construction expertise..

We would like to thank your trust in us, without a doubt we could not have gotten to where we are without the support of our clients and our professional team, who are the most valuable asset we have achieved in these years of intense activity.
Since 1988, we have worked to obtain the trust of our clients and collaborators in order to achieve excellence in our projects and consolidate the PROYECO brand globally. That is why we have managed to set offices in seven countries spread across the European, Asian and American continents, with significant capacity to adapt to the specific needs of each market and more than 500 clients, working with public and private institutions of each nation, with the help and assistance of more than 2,500 local suppliers.

During this time, we have accumulated 30 years of experience in Spain, as well as 18 years of international activity, with works and projects carried out in sixteen countries, managing a global figure worth nearby one thousand seven hundred million US dollars.
Our company currently has a staff of more than 250 professionals. With them, and others who were with us long ago, it has been successfully carried out more than 1,000 national and international projects. We are endorsed by around 500,000 m2 of construction, 550 hectares of urban developments, 200 km of roads and highways, and 500 km of hydraulic pipelines. This experience has given us the strength to face new challenges and diverse nature projects, with the hope of continuing to grow for another 30 years.
The founding partners want to thank you one more time, for your invaluable trust and support.